Our Viti Vini class is an immersive 24-week course that provides students with a richer, deeper look at the underpinnings of vast universe of wine. “V & V” curriculum is intended to provide an academic delve into significant global wine regions, their history, culture and wine law. We dive into the nuances of terroir and the impact of climate, soil and weather on each region’s varietals. Students will learn powerful blind tasting techniques that are geared at training the senses to for data interpretation and reasoning.

Each lecture will further the students understanding of food and wine pairings, and the elements to consider when making suggestions. This curriculum goes beyond the fundamentals of wine making and distillation. The classes are led by true experts in the top of their field including

award-winning sommeliers from some of the best restaurants in the country as well as top graduates of American Sommelier.

This course is geared toward the wine lover who is interested in expanding their current understanding of grape to bottle. The Foundation course is a recommended a prerequisite but not mandatory.

Graduates of this course will receive an American Sommelier V & V Certificate and silver pin.

Course Outline

  1. Intro viti vini

  2. Burgundy I

  3. Burgundy II

  4. Alsace & Jura

  5. Rhone & Provence

  6. Languedoc Roussillon & SW France

  7. Bordeaux

  8. Loire

  9. Napa

  10. Sonoma

  11. Rest of California

  12. Oregon & Washington

  13. Beer, Spirits & Sake

  14.  Portugal & Fortified Wines

  15. Eastern Spain

  16. Western Spain

  17. Northern Italy

  18. Central & Southern Italy

  19. Germany & Austria

  20. South America

  21. Australia, New York & Virginia

  22. New Zealand & South Africa

  23. Champagne

  24. Review

Members $2,970 Non-members $3,300

We are confident that you will enjoy our classes and want you to taste what you are purchasing before enrolling with American Sommelier. For a pro-rated fee, prospective students are welcome to sit in on one class of their choosing (provided there is space) in order to experience the course first-hand.  The fee will be applied towards tuition should you enroll in the next section of the same course

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