American Sommelier Terms & Conditions 


  • A deposit is required to secure your seat in class

  • Tuition is due in full by the first day of class and is non-refundable

  • Missed classes are not refunded, but make-up credits are available based on adherence to the attendance policy

  • Students must provide a copy of photo identification for age verification purposes


Attendance Policy

        American Sommelier attendance policy is strictly enforced. In order to receive full course credit and be eligible to take the final exam, students are limited in the number of allowable absences and make-up credits

Foundation students are eligible for one absence and one make-up credit

VITI 1, 2 and 3 students are eligible for up two absences and two make-up credits

Blind Tasting students are eligible for up to three absences and three make-up credits

VITI VINI students are eligible for up to four absences and four make-up credits

  • **If you are unable to attend class, you must notify American Sommelier in writing prior to an absence to qualify for a make-up credit. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a no-show status and a credit will not be issued

  • Make-up credits for missed classes must be scheduled with the American Sommelier office within one year, can only be scheduled once and are not transferrable to other courses

  • Eligible students are expected to take the final exam on time regardless of available make-up credits

  • Students that need to fully drop from remaining classes must inform American Sommelier in writing immediately. If tuition has been paid in full, students are eligible to rejoin future sessions of the same course within one year of the start date of the initial session—rejoining where you left off.

  • Students will be responsible for the difference in tuition should the tuition go up before you rejoin


Payment Plan

  • Payment Plans are available to students who wish to break costs down into multiple payments for a one-time financing fee of $50

  • Late payments are subject to a $50 late fee.

  • Students who fail to remit payment by the agreed upon deadlines are not permitted to attend class.

  • Students who need to drop out of class before the Payment Plan is complete are required to remit the balance in full to remain in good standing and be eligible for re-enrollment


Pourer Positions

  • Pourer positons may be available for classes of 10 or more students

  • Pourers are required to arrive at the venue 20 minutes early to help set up, pour the wines during class, and stay roughly 20 minutes after class to clean up

  • Pourers receive a 10% tuition reimbursement within a week of the final class upon completing the expected duties with no absences

  • Any missed setups and/or cleanups will be deducted from the reimbursement

  • Pourers who drop out of a course are not eligible for reimbursement

  • All special requests for amendments to the above terms and conditions must be received in writing; we do our best to accommodate truly exceptional circumstances and all requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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