Payment Plans & Discounts

Payment Plan

  • Payment Plans are available to students who wish to break costs down into multiple payments for a one-time financing fee of $50
  • Late payments are subject to a $50 late fee.
  • Students who fail to remit payment by the agreed upon deadlines are not permitted to attend class.
  • Students who need to drop out of class before the Payment Plan is complete are required to remit the balance in full to remain in good standing and be eligible for re-enrollment.
ClassFee Down Payment Second Payment / Third Payment Final payment
FOUNDATION $50.0050% Due Prior to first classNot Eligible 50% Due prior to 3rd class
VITI 1, 2 & 3$50.0050% Due Prior to first classNot Eligible 50% Due prior to 4th class
BLIND TASTNG $50.0050% Due Prior to first class25% Due prior to 3rd class 25% Due prior to 6th class
VITI VINI $50.0030% Due Prior to first class2 Installments due on 3rd and 5th class Final Installment due to 7th class

Group Rates

Discounted rates are available to hospitality employers enrolling three or more staff members in the same class.

# StudentsDiscount

Pourer Positions

  • Pourer positons may be available for classes of 10 or more students
  • Pourers are required to arrive at the venue 20 minutes early to help set up, pour the wines during class, and stay roughly 20 minutes after class to clean up
  • Pourers receive a 10% tuition reimbursement within a week of the final class upon completing the expected duties with no absences
  • Any missed setups and/or cleanups will be deducted from the reimbursement
  • Pourers who drop out of a course are not eligible for reimbursement