Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting

American Sommelier’s Blind Tasting course will teach students how to taste like the pros.  This class is a power 16-week journey that guides students through the sensory world of wine.  Tasters will learn to analyze what is in the glass based on site, aromatics and flavors while applying theoretical knowledge learned through the foundations of viticulture and vinification.  By the end of this course, students can identify and describe the empirical data before them with a rich vocabulary revealing varietal, country of origin and even age range.  This is a powerful tool for beverage professionals to help both interpret a customer’s preferences as well as aid with food pairings. 

This course culminates in a final exam that requires students to describe, analyze and name the contents of six glasses in 24 minutes.  Graduates of this course will receive an American Sommelier Blind Tasting Certificate and serious bragging rights as a wine professional.


Course Outline

Part 1 - Methodology

Part 2 - Grape and Style Analylsis

Part 3 - Timing & Stamina

Week 16 - Exam

Every student has the option to retake the Final Exam once, free of charge.  Retakes are scheduled on a section-by-section basis.

2017 Blind Tasting Schedule

TUESDAY 6PM - 8PM February 7th May 23rd TBA
MONDAY 6PM - 8PM June 5th September 25th TBA
THURSDAY 10AM - 12PM August 17h December 14th TBA


Members: $1,305 | Non-members: $1,450

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