Ian Cauble


Ian Cauble’s most memorable wine service experience was opening 6 bottles of Petrus for a group of lunch guests (total tab: $55,000). The guests drank only half a bottle of each which allowed Ian and his sommelier friends to have an extraordinary after lunch impromtu tasting.

Voted 2008 Best New Sommelier of the USA by Wine and Spirits magazine, Ian traces his interest in wine to a two-month trip to Chile while a student at Sonoma State. More than seven years ago, Ian became assistant to Winemaker Jerry Luper in Portugual and since then has received two of the three sections to gain Master Sommelier status.

Currently working as the Beverage Director at The Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay, Ian is committed to introducing the great wines of the world to the people at the tables he is serving. Born in Huntington Beach, California, Ian has worked at The Wine Merchant of Beverly Hills; Aubergine and Le Quai restaurants of Newport Beach, Fleur de Lys of Las Vegas; and Jardeniere and Spruce Restaurants in San Francisco.

For great reading, Ian recommends David Wondrich’s Imbibe.