Learn About Wine

Why study wine?

If you’re looking to Become A Sommelier or make a career change, it’s simple.  An expertise in wine will help you get the job and build your career.

But what if you’re just a “consumer” who likes to drink wine, but has no plans of joining the industry?

Look at the liquid in your glass as the tip of an incredibly fascinating iceberg.  Peek below the surface and you’ll find a vast, rich, multi-faceted discipline that encompasses everything from history to chemistry to geology, economics, sociology and beyond.  Wine is an art.  It’s a science.  It’s a mosaic of people and cultures, and it’s a direct connection to the earth we live on.

Knowledge of wine can be a skill to be leveraged.  Confidently navigate the wine list to impress your boss and clients.  Speak the language of the sommelier and wine retailer and rest assured that you’ll walk away with the wine you wanted.

Wine brings interesting and interested people together from all walks of life.  It is something to share, enjoy, and appreciate as a community.

Next time you take a sip, think about this—study wine and you’re studying the world around you.

Wine Classes In New York

American Sommelier currently offers a range of wine courses in New York City as part of its educational program.

Students looking to break in to the world of wine in a casual yet info-rich wine appreciation course are encouraged to enroll in the 6-week Foundation Course or one of our many evening seminars.

Anyone from any industry looking for a rigorous and rewarding approach to wine study are recommended to take the VITI Series, consisting of VITI1VITI2 and VITI3.

Once you’ve built a strong theoretical knowledge base, consider the 16-week Blind Tasting Course to focus on sensory perception, analysis and information synthesis.

Learn Wine From The Professionals

American Sommelier classes are taught by working sommeliers, beverage managers, and wine directors from some of the best restaurants in New York City.  Each brings his or her unique perspective on the wine industry and wine service.

Have Fun Learning

Learning wine was meant to be fun.  At American Sommelier we combine a casual classroom atmosphere with carefully developed curricula to make assimilating the information as fun and easy as possible.