(Continuing the journey …  ) SAME GRAPE DIFFENT WINES Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume Demonstrate the Power of Loire Terrior Barely a week has passed, 2000 kilometers later and we are heading east from Nantes to land in the beautiful central vineyards and a comparative analysis of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Regardless of your personal preference, this is […]


LEES LESSON Up close and personal with the ‘Sur Lie’ gems of Muscadet The small town of La Haie-Foussiere sits aong the Sevre branch of the Loire river that descends to the south, and just northwest of another tributary begins called “La Maine”. Here begins the epicenter of the Loire’s Muscadet region, Sevre et Maine, in […]


Vine vs. nature in a mocro-terroir of Touraine  by Andrew F. Bell American Sommelier  Sitting on the terrace of a café meters away from the birthplace of Louis Pasteur, I plot the route to a late lunch 500 km away in St Nicholas de Bourgueil. While the drive was pure countryside, the sun brilliant kissing […]

Champagne Up Close

The wine trail summer 2016 Sometimes you just need to jump in a car or a plane and a car and go. This is what I did last month and I must say it needs to happen on a more regular basis. There is nothing quite as powerful as visiting a seri4s of wineries nonstop […]


TALK IT OUT Reading View. Alt Shift A for Accessibility Help. I find myself in the constant pursuit of ways to further a student taster’s ability to pinpoint the relationship between what we see, smell and eventually taste. I am attempting to map the pathways we use to get from well-formed identification of empirical data […]


KEEP THE “HUMAN” IN THE HOSPITALITY It’s what makes sommeliers as important as ever By Andrew Bell I am baffled by barrage of articles decrying the fall of sommelierdom! As an elder (dare-I-say) statesman in the field, falling into the AARP category of been-around, I must say the Sommelier and Sommeliere have never been more […]


NO TIME VS. TIME By Andrew Bell      So  the holidays have come and gone and everyone is spent. January is going to be big. The heat left a mark on the city and no one was quite so deep in the holiday mode since they were eating outside on December 10th!!!! I do not […]

Since when is service a four letter word? (Andrew Bell)

Since when is service a four letter word? I had hoped that as I age wine would come into play as my profession to mellow me out, this does not seem to be working. Service is so important on many levels. I personally catch an earful for being hard core or hard other words not […]

What is it about a glass that really make a wine sing? (Andrew Bell)

What is it about a glass that really make a wine sing? Well there are several things…. The shape and size play a huge role. I tend to keep it simple when it comes to the style of glass I use talk about. I have recently discovered the Luigi Bormioli brand and their supremo series. […]