BLIND TRUST Continuing thoughts on the methodology of Blind Tasting. By Andrew Bell As the winter chill descends upon us, working on skills is a great indoor sport. So I find myself training more in blind tasting. I crafted a course nearly 15 years ago and it was a verbal passing along of life experiences […]

Holiday (P)re-Set

President of American Sommelier, Andrew Bell, talks about finding your “happy place” in this month’s edition of Beverage Media New York. “What do we need to do within the industry to keep “a stiff upper lip,” “nose to the grindstone,” and an “eye on the ball”? We often need perspective, we are always in need […]

Take the Time

President of American SOmmelier, Andrew Bell, discusses finding the work-life balance in the October edition of Beverage Media New York. “Time away from work is not often easy to maneuver for many in the business, so the intensity of the time spent together must trump the volume. When you have successfully carved out time to […]

Becoming a Sommelier

A strong academic knowledge of wine is crucial to the success of any aspiring sommelier, beverage manager or wine director.  The best wine professionals are intimately familiar with how grapes are grown and how wine is made.  They can tell you in detail about the soil, climate and geography of the major and minor grape-growing regions of the […]